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Our work has several aspects, and members can consider whether simply to attend the talks and visits or whether to become more fully involved through the work of the committee.

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Here are some of our current activity areas:-

Monthly meetings are held during the winter months (November to April) each year with a speaker on a local topic, and at least one open meeting on a major topic.

Summer visits are organised for members and have included tours of Castor House, Stibbington Hall, Apethorpe Hall, Exton Church, Oakham Castle, Island Hall, walking guided tour of Stamford.

Commenting on planning applications. Our Planning Sub-group monitors planning applications and makes representations, whether positive or otherwise, on those of significance to the Society's aims. It does not comment on applications whose impact is restricted to immediate neighbours.

City Council liaison. The Society is taken seriously by the City Council and liaison meetings with senior officers and members are held every six months to take forward a range of issues of mutual concern.

Cathedral Views. Maintaining views of Peterborough Cathedral is an important planning constraint. The Society has worked with the City Council to produce a study of views that need protection through appropriate policies in its Local Development Documents (LDDs)

Monthly column. We write a monthly column in the Peterborough Telegraph to place our concerns in the public field where proposed schemes are detrimental to the existing environment, design is lacking, or an opportunity for improvement is being missed. Highlight when we consider public opinion is not being heard or considered.

Nene photo project 2021. This is intended to be a photographic record of the river Nene during 2021, to which our members along with members of the public are invited to submit contributions. To get more information, requirements and conditions, and how you can contribute please follow the link Nene photo project 2021.

It will include views of the river, views of buildings and land from the river banks, and views from boats on the river. The project will provide a context for any proposed developments close to the river and impacting on views of and from the river. It will also be an historical archive and a resource for promotion of Peterborough.

Peterborough Plaques. The Society began erecting rectangular aluminium plaques throughout the Peterborough area in 1984. In 2017 the Society decided to install circular blue plaques similar to those erected by English Heritage, mainly in London. In 2018 an additional plaque to commemorate the end of World War One was installed in consultation with Peterborough City Council.

In 2020 the Society extended the scheme with a further 15, thus making a total of 36 blue plaques. These are supported by an updated Peterborough Blue Plaques booklet. Comprehensive information on all our plaques from 1984 to the present day can be found on our Peterborough Plaques page, and follow the Peterborough Blue Plaques booklet link for information on how this can be obtained.

Peterborough and its Villages in Detail. The Society produced this hardback book in association with the Peterborough Photographic Society who provided all the pictures and it has received very favourable reviews. The book is available for sale from the Society at a specially reduced price by visiting our items for sale page, where further information on the book and comments received can be found.

Peterborough in Detail Greetings Cards. A range of greetings cards created by the Peterborough Civic Society with design by our vice chair Toby Wood, using photographs taken in the preparation of our acclaimed book 'Peterborough and its Villages in Detail'. Once production costs have been met all profits will go to support the maintenance of Peterborough Cathedral. With thanks to Peterborough Photographic Society and Fisherpint Ltd for their assistance in their realisation. They are available for sale from the Society by visiting our items for sale page.

Heritage Open Days. This is a national annual event, the Society helps organise the Peterborough area of Heritage Open Days. In 2019 more than 30 venues were taking part.

Peterborough Telegraph. Committee members write a monthly column for Peterborough Telegraph.

Nene Living Articles. Kem Mehmed, one of our committee members has written regular articles for Nene Living and with their kind permission they are reproduced here - Nene Living Articles.

RAF Peterborough DVD. The Society commissioned a dvd on the history of RAF Peterborough (Westwood) and this is available for sale from the society by visiting our items for sale page.

Public clocks. The Society sustains an interest in ensuring that the City's public clocks are maintained.

Postcards. The Society has produced a series of eight postcards of Peterborough. Copies are still available.

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